When selling or finding you a home, Jim Parker has the knowledge and the passion. Rather than putting your faith and trust in someone who does not live here, believe in the future growth and know personally the joys of living in the Inland Northwest, Jim Parker will bring all these beliefs and passions to the table. Its simple: do you want someone to sell your home that believes in its value and can relate that to new buyers, or do you want someone who looks at your home, your past and your future as a business transaction only?

In a Rush
Property that you need to sell quickly or a home that you need to find today, Jim Parker gladly accepts this rush work. He is available 24/7 to find you the property or sell your home or property.

When Its Over
From the start to finish, you will know that you are in good hands, that your experience in buying or selling a home property was handled smoothly with as little impact on your life as possible; that Jim Parker and EXL Real Estate are the ones that you can recommend to your friends and family when you want to buy or sell your home or property.